Romance Is In The Air...

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've started working some more on finishing up Anemone's Song, my novel. I'm probably into the last third of my book, now. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of August, latest, if I can keep the momentum going that I have right now. I've written pages and pages in the last two days. See, I write at work. Whenever our queue is empty, we are allowed to read or write or basically do most anything except use the computer for non-work purposes or play with anything that makes noise, like cell phones. So it's kind of like working two jobs at the same time, some days. I figure I may as well take advantage of this while I have the chance, and I realized that I hadn't been, much. So, I forced myself to start writing at work, and although it was a little difficult to start at first, I managed to muddle my way through a scene that was giving me trouble. Then things started to fall into place, and I'm writing like the blazes now. I just hope I can keep it up.

I discovered today, though, that my ending had changed somewhat. But I really think it's a better ending, overall, and I think I know a way to incorporate at least a bit of the old ending into the new one, so it's almost like having the best of both worlds. And...and I think it may not be a one shot, after all. I mean, it will stand alone, but I think I have an idea for a sequel of sorts. I'll have to develop it
more later to see if it will actually work, though.

I think that the two main love interests in the story are almost my favorite couple, as far as my characters go. Second only to another couple. Maybe even on par with them. And it's not because the couples are similar to each other. Actually, they're very different in a lot of ways. But there's just something about this particular couple. They just have a ton of chemistry, much like another couple of characters I know. *happy sigh*

Well, now that the new ending is finished (I completed it just before posting this), I just need to go back and fill in the pages between part three and the ending.

Life is good.


Settling In

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

I found my Writer's Market, as well as a whole host of other writing books and manuals, but I know there are others somewhere that I have yet to unpack. It just doesn't look like enough. I have to have more than that. I'm at least missing a few. I hope I find them soon.

So I am currently trying to sort through and organize all of my books, including my writing books. We bought a new bookshelf at a yard sale for a good price, and now it's just a matter of time and organization to get them all set up the way I want to.

And being that I worked in a bookstore for a little over two years, you can bet I am anal about my books. I organize them into different sections, then alpha by author, then by series order, if say a prequel was published after a series. If not, then I put them in publication order, seems like I get more anal every time I organize them. And as such, it takes days.

Which is why it is a once or twice a year project at most.

Are other writers as picky as I am about having books organized? (I still find myself tidying up and re-organizing books into the proper order in bookstores to this day; usually I don't even notice until someone else points it out.) Or is it just because I used to work in a bookstore?


Pure Masochism

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Submitted my short story about the vampire cows to a magazine called Weird Tales, on Sunday. Unfortunately, they are almost filled up for 2009, so my chances aren't that great. The move to our new place kind of threw everything out of whack for a while, and I didn't get to submit it even close to as soon as I orignally wanted to.

Still working at my temporary job. No idea how much longer they'll need me. Hopefully for a while yet.

I'm going to see if I can find where I put my Writer's Market after I unpacked my writing books, and start compiling a list of other publications to reject my story.

No, I'm not depressed. In a very masochistic way, I find it amusing, even while I'd rather just have someone stomp all over me repeatedly. I need to get all of my rejection letters out and hang them on the wall again, so I can laugh maniacally until someone comes at me with a straight-jacket.

Writing is a love-hate relationship with the voices in your head.