Unproductive Day

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm in a very bad mood today. And by bad mood, I mean everybody duck for cover, it's going to be worse than World War III.

Why am I in such a bad mood? Well, the short of it is that I didn't get any writing done today, and that really, really irritated me. Now, why didn't I get any writing done today? Because I decided to finally start undecorating our Christmas tree and taking down Christmas decorations because it's been put off all too long, despite assurances otherwise that we would get around to it soon. So, annoyed, I hauled the boxes up from storage myself, undecorated the tree (which was an irritating experience in itself considering our tree is beyond dying by now, and kept shedding millions of pine needles as I took the ornaments and then the lights off of it), and took down some of the other decorations.

But even all of that wasn't as bad as trying to put the stupid Christmas lights back in their packages. It's much easier to get them OUT of the box than back IN to the box, I've discovered. So, I spent hours wrestling three separate strings of lights back into their boxes, and got no writing done whatsoever. Thank goodness we had a smallish tree and I didn't have even more lights sets to put away!!!

Anyway, I failed to reach my 500 words for the day, and I didn't get a chance to read fairy tales to retell for that contest, either. The most I managed to accomplish today in terms of any of my goals was to apply to a job position that I've been considering for a while now. Today was the deadline for application, so I finished getting all of my materials prepared and gathered and faxed it all over to my potential employer's office. Now let's just pray that by some miracle I get the job...


Anonymous January 15, 2008 at 5:06 PM  

I will keep you and your job search in my prayers. So what fairytales are you thinking of retelling? I have always found that an appealing topic.

ALR January 15, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

Well, scanning through my Complete works of Hans Christian Anderson and my Complete works of the Brothers Grimm, I made a composite list of possible candidates:

-The Emperor's New Clothes
-The Ugly Duckling
-The Princess and the Pea (or, the "Pea Test" in the Brothers Grimm. It's interesting that the same tale is in both of my works, but called such different titles. The differences are interesting to note, too. But I digress.)
-Hansel and Gretel
-The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich (commonly known today as the "Frog Prince")
-Little Red Cap (known to us today as "Little Red Riding Hood")
-The Maiden Without Hands
-Clever Else
-The Golden Goose
-Clever Gretel
-The Old Woman in the Forest
-Princess Mouseskin

Since the whole point of the contest is to retell fairy tales, I'm trying to stay away from the really common ones such as Cinderella, etc, as everyone will probably submit those. I want one that's more likely to stand out, but hopefully not too obscure. I've already started narrowing down the list, but I'll recount more of that in my next entry. The tough part about it all is that it has to be a HUMOROUS re-telling.

Some of these don't really lend themselves that well to humor. Especially since they're the original, darker versions. I'll really have to be creative with this. I just hope I can pull it off.