NaNoWriMo On My Mind...

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

I have already begun trying to generate some novel ideas for Nanowrimo in November. I don't feel that I yet have a project that I am enthusiastic about. I have some nice ideas, but none of them are coming together into an actual working plot yet. I'm trying to decide whether to write a science fiction, which I've never done before, another fantasy, which I tend to write the most, a modern day vampire story, or a general fiction story.

I don't have a solid idea for my science fiction story. I'm toying with the idea of time travel, wherein people can travel into the future, but not into the past (as current scientific theory holds). This would mean that, once in the future, my characters wouldn't be able to leave and go back to their time, which would be the past, by that point. But I'm not sold on this yet. My other idea is a sci-fi about some kind of war over a planet's natural resources. The warring factions think it's uninhabited and ripe for the taking, but there's actually intelligent life on the planet, and that later complicates things.

For my modern day vampire story, I intend to re-vamp (pun intended) vampires in a way. I found some interesting things during all my research for the vampire cows story, and I think it would make an interesting story, if I wrote about psychic vampires, who feed off of people's energy, not necessarily their blood.

My general fiction idea isn't developed enough for me to feel comfortable talking about it yet. The other alternative I've thought about is to combine my modern day vampire ideas with some of my sci-fi ideas. Maybe a genetic experiment goes wrong, and scientists accidentally create human vampires, and the story chronicles the effects of that. I don't know.

I think my preparations for Nanowrimo were easier last year, when I already had a solid story idea and notes for November far ahead of time.


shield maiden September 22, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

I think both of your ideas are very interesting (esp. the sci-fi ones). Would I be biased in saying that if you pick the sci-fi one then we could be writing in the same genre this coming NaNo?? I'm excited to hear what you decide on!

By the way, I think the bailout is completely idiotic, but maybe Bush doesn't care since he can't be president for another term (leave it to the other guy to clean up some of the crap--although if it is Obama, I think it would fare for the worst compared to McCain).

Echo October 2, 2008 at 11:47 PM  

Wow. I got behind on reading your blog. I like all of the ideas, but I'm especially fond of the whole time traveler getting stuck in the future one. I think you'd rock with any you chose though. Don't fret too much. The first year I did NaNo, I didn't decide on a story until um . . . Oct. 31, I believe it was. (Actually, I do that almost every year. Bad, Echo!) You can do it!
This reminds me, I've been making NaNoWriMo motivational desktop backgrounds (because it helps me procrastinate and it's fun) and I was going to make some for you. And I'll probably send you my Phantom of the Opera one, just to get under your skin. Hehe.