Goodbye, 2008!

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So ends another year, still unpublished. So many goals not attained this year, so many goals added and attained. Successes and failures went hand in hand. Such is a writer's life.

I failed miserably at Nanofimo, depending on how you look at it. I only reached 10,000 or so words for Nanofimo on my 2007 Nano novel. But looking at it another way, that's a third of what I needed to do for Nanofimo, at least.

I may not have reached my 500 words a day goal for the year, but I did get considerably more writing done this year than I would have without that goal. I certainly put my nose to the grindstone a bit more, whenever possible.

Well, goodbye, 2008. I have mixed feelings about you, but I'll toast you just the same. I wrote my first short story in completion during you, and my daughter was born, so there were really good times along with all of the bad. Quite a stormy friendship, but in the end, I guess I'll call you a friend.