The 10 most notable heroes in speculative fiction

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

As I have mentioned in previous entries, I write for an online column. What I have not recently mentioned, due to the sheer amount of work and personal stuff that I've been dealing with, is the fact that I have switched columns. Yes, ladies and gentleman. I no longer write a column about politics. After six months of writing that, I'd had more than enough; it simply wasn't my passion, and I yearned to write in a different field. So, I became the St. Louis Speculative Fiction Examiner (you'll notice, of course that I am listed by a different name than the "ALR" of this blog; that is because if I ever publish a fantasy book I intend to use a byline similar to the one in this blog). I've been enjoying myself ever since.

And without further ado, a list of The 10 most notable heroes in speculative fiction as written by yours truly. Enjoy!